OzHelp’s Programs Built on Best-Practice Foundations

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Health in Gear program developed, The OzHelp Foundation (OzHelp), are pleased to announce that in early October, six of its core programs have achieved accreditation under Suicide Prevention Australia’s Accreditation Program.

OzHelp are pleased to have the following programs accredited:

  • Workplace Tune Up (delivered under Health in Trades)
  • Wellbeing Empowerment
  • Tradie Tune Up (delivered under Health in Trades)
  • Truckie Tune Up (delivered under Health in Gear)
  • Peer Support Training
  • Counselling and Wellbeing Support

Each of these programs were evaluated against six national suicide prevention standards to ensure they are targeted, outcomes-based, and provide a consistent, high-quality, and safe standard of care.

Clinical Director Emily Brown said the accreditation was a huge milestone for the organisation.

“Gaining the accreditation of our core programs represents the hard work and dedication shown everyday by our team. It’s a wonderful sense of achievement and reinforces our commitment to the delivery of high-quality services and continuous improvement to ensure we are meeting the needs of the industries in which we serve.”

Suicide Prevention Australia CEO, Nieves Murray, said every organisation that becomes accredited helps us inch closer to ensuring every person who needs support can access a consistent, high-quality, and safe standard of care.

“Congratulations to OzHelp for having six of its programs fully accredited – an excellent achievement. It’s essential that anyone who seeks help, can access services that are safe and actually work. As a sector, we must always be pushing for continuous improvement and looking for ways to raise the bar collaboratively. The result is improved access to services for people who are in distress.”

To find out more about the Suicide Prevention Accreditation Program and services that have achieved best practice, visit https://www.suicidepreventionaust.org/directory-of-programs/.

OzHelp’s programs are evidence-based, scalable and accessible assisting employers to build, strengthen and support their workforce by helping individual employees achieve their best possible mental health and wellbeing.

“With psychological safety now legislated into Work Health and Safety laws, OzHelp are proud to be accredited against the National Standards for Mental Health, as well as the Suicide Prevention Accreditation Program. Whilst our approach will always be focused on our connection with the individuals we support, employers can have an additional level of confidence knowing the initiatives they implement under these programs through OzHelp are certified best-practice nationally,” Said Ms Brown.

To learn more about the services offered by OzHelp under the Suicide Prevention Accreditation Program, visit https://ozhelp.org.au/our-services/.