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Taking time out of your busy schedule is important for your health and wellbeing. Whether you’re driving and away from home or on your day off, there are small actions you can take to relax, de-stress, and have fun.

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Deliberately setting aside time each day to let your body and mind relax is important for maintaining your health, focus and productivity.

  • Your body is not designed to cope with sustained stress over a long time.
  • Constant stress can lower your immunity and can lead to health problems: weight gain, disrupted sleep, problems with your stomach, headaches and muscle pain.
  • Taking small breaks can help switch off your body’s harmful overactive stress response.

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Schedule a small amount of time each day to completely relax and do something you enjoy.

  • It could be listening to music or a podcast, reading a book or magazine, or simply watching the sun rise or set.

Take regular breaks from your device.

  • When you are eating try to avoid using your device and focus on enjoying your meal.
  • When you have time off, try to limit the amount of time you spend on your device. Instead, plan to either catch up on your rest or do an activity you enjoy

Stay present.

  • Try not to overload your brain with lots of things when you’re having downtime.
  • Regular moments of stillness can increase your ability to think and focus. They also help you sleep.
  • When you are in a queue waiting to load or unload, you could use the time to do some small exercises, sip water and take deep breaths rather than checking devices.

Do nothing.

  • It’s ok to have moments of stillness. There’s no need to be constantly busy. It gives us an opportunity to bring our minds back under control and feel calmer.

Practise controlled breathing.

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For instant stress relief that you can do with your hands on the wheel:

  • Breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose, as you lift your shoulders towards your ears.
  • Exhale with a big sigh through the mouth as you drop your shoulders back down.
  • Do this three times.

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Belly breathing to relax you before you go to sleep:

  • Lie down and put one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest.
  • Inhale deeply through your nose into your lower hand on the belly. Feel the belly rise and expand.
  • Slowly keep inhaling to move the breath up and notice your upper hand on your chest rise.
  • Exhale slowly through the nose, moving the air away from your chest and then your belly. Notice your hands move down.
  • Consciously soften your jaw and your body.
  • Repeat this for two to three minutes.

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Advanced practice:

  • Doing the above practice work yourself up to a count of 4 on the inhale and 8 on the exhale.

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Write your small wins.

  • Before you go to sleep, try writing a list of things that have gone well for you during the day and things you are grateful for or enjoyed that day!
  • You could try a meditation app. There are many free meditation apps for stress, anxiety, sleep and mindfulness.

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