Connect Well

There are small actions you can take as a driver to keep connected with your family and friends when you’re on the road.

Having quality connections improves your physical and emotional wellness, as well as your ability to solve problems, be productive and achieve your goals.

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  • A network of good quality connections makes a good quality support system.
  • A quality support system can be counted on to provide advice, boost your morale and provide emotional support.

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Talk frequently with your family.

  • Plan video chats or phone calls that suit your schedule and theirs.
  • Video calls allow you to see facial expressions and gestures and will help you to feel closer.
  • Use technology, such as Facebook and Instagram to keep up with extended family and friends.

Build strong connections with other drivers.

  • Find opportunities to connect with other drivers; have a chat and share a meal at a roadhouse.
  • Lots of drivers use Facebook as their social media platform to connect with each other. It’s a way to share sights from the road and ask and answer questions.
  • Step up and make the first move to build a new connection.
  • Try new things and take part in new activities; this gives you more conversation starters.
  • Focus on what you appreciate about your connection, for example you may appreciate that someone makes you laugh or is a good listener.
  • Find things you have in common and focus on what you can share together.

Build a safe environment at home where you can trust and share openly.

  • Really listen to your partner.
  • Disagree fairly and respectfully.
  • Breathe and calm down if you are too angry to really listen.
  • Say what you need to in a calm, constructive manner.
  • Don’t expect your partner to make you physically or emotionally well.
  • Be in charge of your own wellness. Let your partner know if you need some time to rest or do some exercise. Don’t expect them to be able to read your mind.
  • You can support your family in their personal wellness too.

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Ask questions when you’re unsure.

  • Listen without interrupting.
  • Listen for facts and feelings that are not being described.
  • Ask about what you think is missing from the conversation.

Prioritise your relationship.

  • All relationships need nurturing and scheduled time for fun.
  • Prioritise and schedule time to connect for the big moments in the lives of your family.

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